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How To Identify And Transform the Limiting Beliefs Keeping Your Clients Stuck in just 20 minutes - Brand New FREE 4 Day Challenge!!

Coaches, healers and therapists - Learn the secrets the masters of world class transformation use everyday

Join us in this FREE 4-day challenge where you will learn how to diagnose your clients beliefs in as little as 10 minutes, learn the story behind the beliefs, witness a live DEMO with Master Belief Reprogrammer Lion Goodman to see the magic in action, and experience the power of this truly transformational work personally with one of our expert coaches! You will love this. 100% satisfaction guaranteed! (Scroll down to middle for full details)

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5th - 8th October 2021

What's Included In This Challenge

You will learn how to become a master at identifying  your clients limiting beliefs so you can get them unstuck and moving forward 

Live demo with Master Belief Reprogrammer Lion Goodman to learn how to get to the root of the problem in real time

One-on-one personal Taste of Transformation coaching session with one of our expert coaches to help you move past any block in your life or business that is holding you back

Meet Your Instructor: Lion Goodman

Lion has been clearing his clients' limiting beliefs for over 20 years and helping them reprogram their brain with empowering beliefs that have exponentially improved their lives. For the last decade he has been teaching coaches, healers and therapists how to use this methodology in their own practice. They have been able to achieve miraculous results with their own clients (see testimonials below).

If you want to be known as world class and change your clients' lives dramatically, then this 4 day challenge is for you. This will allow you to to stand out from the competition and charge premium rates.  You will learn how the human mind works and how to get to the root of your clients' problems at a level you have unlikely encountered before.

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Here's Why You Will Love This Online Challenge 

Day 1 & 2:
Identify and Understand Beliefs

DAY 1: 

You will learn how to identify your clients limiting beliefs in as little as 10 minutes. If you want to ensure your clients achieve the life they want - then this is a must. Without the knowledge of inner transformation you and your client will keep going in circles and likely end up failing

DAY 2: 

Your client is often unaware of what caused their limiting belief to form. You will learn how to uncover the story behind it. This is often an 'aha' moment for the client. This often motivates the client to step into a new identity - which is the core of true transformation

Day 3 & 4: 
Witness & Experience


Watch Lion live in action. He will pick a volunteer with a problem they haven't been able to resolve. You will see him seamlessly transition from the problem to a solution that creates permanent change. This alone is worth the price of admission. When you get to this level of mastery, people will pay you handsomely to be your clients.

DAY 4:

Now it's your turn. You will get to experience the power of this innovative style of transformational coaching yourself. One of our expert coaches will help you understand your problem at a much deeper level and coach you through a transformational process to clear it completely from the psyche.

Life Changing Prizes To Be Won!!

For those that participate actively and do the homework we have incredible prizes to give out!

GRAND PRIZE - Our $8997 program -The Clear Beliefs Coach Training

One lucky winner will get our signature training program worth $8997. This five-month program will give you all the tools you need to transform your clients at the deepest level of their psyche, so they become unstuck and perform at their best. You will learn life changing belief clearing technology, tools to deal with conflicting parts of the psyche, methods to re-parent and rescue the inner child, energy chord cutting techniques and so much more!!!

Private 1-on-1 coaching session with Lion (worth $400)

Two incredibly lucky souls will get a private coaching session with Master Belief Reprogrammer - Lion Goodman. Lion has over 20 years experience reprogramming his clients' minds and has worked with top Executive Coaches, Business Leaders & Gurus such as Anodea Judith. This session is truly priceless and will likely positively change your life forever!

Clear Your Beliefs self study program - worth $997

Three others will win our signature self study program. This is a digital course teaching you how to clear your own personal limiting beliefs and reprogram them with empowering ones. You will be able to clear your own resistance to create the life and business you desire.

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Let's Hear What Others Are Saying

The missing piece!

"Before I learned the Clear Beliefs Method, something was missing in my coaching. When clients wanted to fully explore an issue, I was scratching at the surface. Now I can take them deep feeling confident in my ability to bring them transformation. After learning these powerful yet practical methodologies, and hours of peer practice and feedback, I was able to fully integrate these methods into my practice"

Exceptionally powerful and  life changing!

These practices are exceptionally powerful and life changing. My clients love the release and freedom they experience. This is a top of the line tool set for creating permanent change in others – and in oneself. I've studied many different disciplines, and in my opinion, it’s the best. I got what I wanted with extraordinary ease. I am moved, touched and inspired by the profound results that are available using this technology."

A monumental leap forward for coaches, healers & therapists.

"As coaches, we run right into our clients' blocks, struggles and challenges. I can now easily uncover the core beliefs that are underneath the difficulty – even when deeply buried. I can then clear it, opening space for them to achieve what they truly want. These skills are a monumental leap forward for coaches, healers, and therapists. The bonus is you get to do your own deep healing during the learning journey."

You can help clients with trauma without needing a Master's or Ph.D.

"Coaches, healers and therapists - it gives you the sense you can really help someone with trauma, and take a therapeutic approach without getting yourself in trouble, without needing a Masters' in counselling or a PhD in psychotherapy""

Here's What You Get With This Package

  • Four Day Challenge to identify & transform your clients limiting beliefs (valued at $97)

  • Taste of Transformation session with one of our expert coaches (valued at $150)

  • Private Facebook Group for even more inspiration and knowledge (valued at $97)

Total Value of the 4 Day 'How To Identify & Transform the Limiting Beliefs Keeping Your Clients Stuck' Online Challenge Package is $344

For Limited Time ONLY it's FREE!!

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Are You Ready to Identify & Transform Your Clients' Limiting Beliefs & Become Known As World Class?

It just takes knowing how to get to the root of your clients' core problem and having the right tools to transform it to get life changing results you never even thought possible!

Join the FREE Challenge

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